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Information on automotive PVB interlayer.

Automotive polyvinyl butyral interlayer (PVB) production of DuPont de Nemur USA is produced in the form of the following types:

  • В 553 S type normal adhesion
  • В 553 V type high adhesion
  • B 180 SL special type for lamination of 0,38, 0,76 mm thickness side windshield glass standard 250, 500 m long rolls
Type Color code Thickness Roll length
ClearNС 100.76250 и 500
Width of roll 23 - 321 cm max
Tinted homogeneous
Light blue-green03778000.76250
Cobalt blue05478000.76250
Clear with a lightproof strip
Grey on clear60035100.76250
Blue on clear01005060.76250
Green on clear03125120.76250
Bronze on clear62034100.76250
Tinted with a lightproof strip
Blue strip on 037780003705060.76250
Green strip on 037780003725120.76250
Bronze strip on 036780062231100.76250
Blue strip on 36780003605060.76250
Green strip on 036780003625120.76250
Blue strip on 110780011005060.76250
Green strip on 110780011025120.76250
Blue strip on 054780005405060.76250
Grey strip on 036780060231100.76250
Grey strip on 063730063731100.76250

One roll width is maximum 250 cm, strip width is 7,5 – 66 cm maximum


Building polyvinyl butyral interlayer (PVB) production of DuPont de Nemur USA is produced in the form of the following types:

  • B 52 S type with normal adhesion
  • В 52 V type with high adhesion
Type Color code Thickness mm Roll length m
ClearNС 100.38400 & 1000
NС 100.76200 & 500
NС 101.14130
NС 101.52100 & 125
One roll width of three first items is 0,38 – 1,14 mm can compound from minimum 23 cm to maximum 321 сm. One roll width itm. 1,52mm maximum 220 cm
Tinted homogeneous
Light-brown 03655000.38/0.76400/200
Light blue-green23773000.38/0.76400/200
Light sky-blue 06376000.38/0.76400/200
One roll width maximum 250 cm, samples are available
Clear "BUTACITE-G"BUTA G0.38/0.76400/200
One roll width maximum 225 cm

Potential large-scale producers of laminated safety glass "triplex"; in Russia are Open Joint-stock company "Mosavtosteklo", NPC "Steklostrovcomplect", Open Joint-stock company "BAMO FLOAT GLASS" and Open Joint-stock company "OSPaZ" - Oryol. They have industrial devices for production of “triplex” with maximum glass sizes: 2x3 meters for windows.

In the USA commercial and residential buildings are glazed with "triplex" laminated with the above types of Butacite ® PVB interlayers, and also latest trademarks Spallshield ® and SentryGlas ® Plus

It is notable that since 1995 it has been forbidden to glaze the two first building floors with ordinary glass in developed European countries.

Information on building polyvinyl butyral (PVB) INTERLAYER Butacite ® production of DuPont de Nemur USA

Building polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer is used all over the world for production of laminated safety glass, so called “triplex”. Basically laminated safety glass is applied to glazing various buildings and constructions.

In Russia “triplex” is generally used” for production of glass packages of different types.

The most important advantages of PVB interlayer in production of triplex glass are:

  • big performance under impact and safety;
  • resistance to penetration;
  • the glass fragments remain firmly bonded to the interlayer if a glass breaks;

Application of pliable “triplex” glass – armor glass, used in banks, high class stores and in high security buildings serves as an obstacle to intrusion and excludes usage of metal bars.

In office buildings partitions, balustrades and various staircases can be made of laminated safety glass “triplex”.

In the world building laminated glass with clear and tinted PVB interlayer is applied to construction of sky-scrappers, galleries, stadiums, railway terminals, airports, high technology plants, atriums, swimming pools, big aquariums, oceanariums and many other installations.

It is notable that laminated glass can be not only flat but also acquire various curved forms.

Laminated glass is produced on specialized factories by vacuum or roll method depending on required configuration of the glass surface ordered by the customers.

What is more, various designs are used, outside or inside fences may be made in the form of stained-glass windows of different types and constructions.

Specifically DuPont worked out a method or producing "Sentry Glass ® Expressions" decorative interlayers digitally printed in full color which can be used for stained-glass windows as well.