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Pigments, pigment preparations and special dyes for paints, printing inks, plastics and man-made fibers.

  • CINQUASIA ® , CROMOPHTAL ® , IRGAZIN ®1 – High -performance organic pigments with excellent fastness to light, weather, heat, chemicals and solvents. Can find use in production of paints, printing inks and in coloration of plastics.
  • IRGALITE ®1 – classical organic pigments, varying in chemical type and in technical properties, widely used in paints, printing ink, plastics and fibers.
  • HORNATHERM ® , HORNACHROME ® Yellow, HORNA ® Molybdate Orange – inorganic powder pigments, characterized by high-grade properties, gave excellent results in most plastics and paint systems.
  • IRGALITE ® Granules – a new concept for the manufacture of lithographic inks.
  • MICROLITH ® - К – pigment preparation, where pigments are predispersed in vinyl copolymer resin, developed for PVC media.
  • IRGACOLOR ® – are inorganic pigments of different chemical composition. They are characterized by their outstanding resistance to heat, weather and chemicals. The products of this range are widely used for the coloration of plastics, paints and fibers. Some also find application in automotive paints.
  • MICROSOL ® – pigment dispersions have an extremely fine particle size and are dispersed with an anionic dispersing agent. These dispersions are intended primarily for the spin coloration of viscose rayon, but can also be used in wood stains and latex.
  • UNISPERSE ® S/E – highly concentrated pigment dispersions developed to meet modern emulsion paint requirements, particularly in new and improved emulsion paint system where they have excellent compatibility. Suitable also for PUR foam and aqueous PUR coating systems.
  • UNISPERSE ® – PI/PA – are highly concentrated pigment dispersions developed for modern aqueous printing inks. They are free of binder an в solvents and offer formulation flexibility and good gloss..
  • MICROLITH ® - А – high performance pigments predispersed in an ethyl cellulose carrier resin, and which have been developed for the gravure and flexographic printing inks used in the packaging sector; they are of particular interest for nitrocellulose systems.
  • MICROLITH ® - КР – pigment preparation predispersed in a vinyl copolymer resin; a finely divided form for all applications which require very good dispersibility.
  • MICROLITH ® - Т – High grade pigments predispersed in a modified rosin ester which is compatible with a wide range of polymers. It is particularly suitable for paint applications and can be used selectively in printing inks.
  • MICROLITH ® - WA – high performance pigment predispersed in an alkaline water/alcohol soluble acrylic resin. Suitable for printing on wallcoverings, wood stain applications and other aqueous systems.
  • FILOFIN ® - specially dispersed high grade pigments in polypropylene or polyethylene, suitable for polypropylene plastic applications.
  • MICRANYL ® - NQ – F pigment preparation predispersed in PVC. They are used for high quality calendered films and also to formulate custom colors for processing by extrusion and injection molding.
  • MICROLEN ® - МС – pigments predispersed in a low molecular weight polyethylene homopolymer suitable for coloration of polyolefins and most rubber compounds.
  • MICROLEN ® - UA – pigment concentrate predispersed in urea aldehyde carrier, suitable for the pigmentation of powder coatings.
  • ORASOL ® - organic solvent dyes soluble in alcohol, ketones and esters. They have a very wide field of application in lacquers, printing inks and fibers.
  • IRGASPERSE ® – U/W – liquid wood stains (organic and water soluble).
  • ORACET ® – polymer-soluble colorant selected for use in plastic industry.
  • FILAMID ® – polymer soluble dyes for spin coloration of polyamide fibers and plastics.
  • FILESTER ® – polymer soluble dyes for spin coloration of polyester fibers and plastics.
  • PRINTAN ® G – synthetic laking agent for basic dyes in alcohol-based flexographic printing inks.
  • GRAPHITAN ® – effect pigment for pain coating production.
  • IRGAPHOR ® – powder pigment for compact discs recordable.

Additives for coatings.

  • IRGACURE ® , DAROCUR ® – PHOTOINITIATORS: for UV-curing systems
  • TINUVIN ® – LIGHT STABILIZERS: Protection against UV.
  • IRGANOX ® – ANTIOXIDANTS: Protection against thermo oxygen destruction.


Pigment preparations MICROLITE K production of Ciba
# Product name Minimal packaging kg Characteristic
1Yellow 3G25
2Yellow 2R25
3Yellow 3R25
4Brown 5R25
5Scarlet R25
6DPP Red В25
7Red ВR25
8Magenta 5В25
9Violet В25
10Blue А3R25
11Blue 4G25
12Green G25
13Black С25
14White R25

Powder pigments production of Ciba
# Product name Minimal packaging, kg Characteristic
1Irgalite Yellow WPG 15
2Irgalite Yellow WSR15
3Irgalite Yellow BAWP15
4Irgalite Red 2BSP15
5Cromophtal Red 203010
6Irgalite Rubine 4BP15
7Irgalite Blue BSP20
8Irgalite Blue GBP20
9Cromophtal Blue 4GNP15
10Irgalite Green GFNP20
11Cromophtal Brown 5R10

Inorganic powder pigments production of Ciba
# Product name Minimal packaging, kg Characteristic
1Horna Chrome Yellow CM-1991 25
2Horna Molybdate Orange ААН-3-SQ25

Copolymers production of Du Pont
# Product name Minimal packaging, kg Characteristic
1Ethylene vinyl acetate, Elvax25
2Ethylene acrylate, Elvaloy25

All products are available at the warehouse. In case of big orders discounts may be made as a matter of separate discussion.