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Description of titanium dioxide – product of DuPont - for production of paints and coatings.

Type R-700. Pigment of high brilliance, light-blue shaded and of good characteristics of saturation and opacity. First of all recommended for use in industrial surfaces and those of architectural constructions, where high brilliance is needed.

Type R-706. Among rutile chloride pigments this one is of superb optical properties and durability. It is characterized by high brilliance, light-blue shade and excellent wetting. Thanks to this outstanding combination of properties Ti-Pure R-706 is considered to be the most suitable pigment for both water and solvent born paints, used as automobile (OEM), industrial, powder coatings as well as for architectural constructions coating.

Type R-902. Pigment of wide application combining good durability and opacity. It is used in various spheres as, for example, glossy and semi glossy coatings of facade and interior of architectural constructions and also in industry for coatings of high durability.

Type R-931. Pigment proper for usage in high solid systems (solid and high solid pigment volume concentration). This type, applied on well-processed surfaces, makes distribution of pigments optimal and guarantees strength and wholeness of coating’s film.

Physical Properties of Ti-Pure ®
Properties Ti-Pure R-700 Ti-Pure R-706 Ti-Pure R-902 Ti-Pure R-931
TiO2, mass % (min) 96,7 93,7 94,2 82,5
Alumina, mass % (Al203) 3,0 2,5 4,3 8,0
Silicon, mass % (SiO2) - 3,0 1,5 9,5
Density 4,0 4,0 4,0 3,6
Organic treatment Yes Yes No No
Color by CIEL 99,4 99,4 99,6 99,7
Average particle size, mKm 0,27 0,27 0,32 0,77
Oil absorption gr/100gr of pigm 12,8 13,0 15,9 36,0
pH 7,2 8,0 8,4 9,1
Resistance at t +30C (1000 om) 7,0 10,0 10,0 3,0
Grey shade 14,5 14,0 11,5 10,0

Recommendations on usage of Ti-Pure ® types in paint industry
Spheres Paint type Ti-Pure R-700 Ti-Pure R-706 Ti-Pure R-902 Ti-Pure R-931
Decorative paints WP1/glossy for indoor work ******* 
WP/semi glossy for indoor work ******** 
WP/dull for indoor work ********
WP/interior high solid cocentr. ******
WP/primer ****** 
WP/glossy, for outdoor work ******* 
WP/dull for out door work ********
SP/glossy, for indoor work ******* 
SР/semi glossy for indoor work ********* 
SP/dull for indoor work ********
SP/primer ******
SP/glossy for outdoor work ****** 
SP/semi glossy for outdoor work ****** 
Automobile Industry Automobile paints  ***** 
Electrorheophoresis primer  **  
Primer ******* 
Industrial paints Super durable  ***** 
Durable ******* 
Shipbuilding    ***** 
Tins   ****** 
Powder paints For indoor usage  ***** 
For outdoor usage ****** 
Equipment   ******* 
City traffic   ****** 
Abbreviations: WP – water paints; SP – solvent paint; * - acceptable type; **- recommended type; *** - optimal type;