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Sphere of application, properties, description

Type R-100. General purpose pigment of neutral shade, good saturation and excellent resistance to breakdowns in heat stable films.

Type R-101. Bright highly stable pigment of light blue shade characterized by excellent dispersibility and resistance to breakdowns under high temperatures. It is an all purpose type suitable for a wide range of thermoplastic polymers.

Type R-102. Bright highly stable material of light-blue shade. Can be used in many spheres as well as in liquid systems, for example, in plasticizers’ dispersions, where resistance to flocculation is needed.

Type R-103. Very bright pigment of an acute light-blue shade, characterized by high color strength and excellent resistance to decolorizing in stabilized PO. This product can also give additional durability to some polymers and copolymers on olefin and styrene basis.

Type R-104. Very bright high performance pigment of light-blue shade, characterized by excellent dispersibility in many different thermoplastic resins. This type is quite useful in MBs with high pigment volume concentration and it doesn’t influence rheology of the melt. Ti- Pure R-104 is resistant to breakdowns under high temperatures in thin films.

Type R-960. Highly durable bright type used where resistance to milky effect and cracking under radiator is needed. It can be used in most thermoplasts and rheoplasts. R-960 has a neutral shade.

Physical Properties of T-Pure ®
Properties Ti-Pure R-100 Ti-Pure R-101 Ti-Pure R-102 Ti-Pure R-103 Ti-Pure R-104 Ti-Pure R-960
Ti O2 mass.% (min) 98,598,796,596,5 98,591,2
Alumina, mass % (AI203) 1,01,03,03,2 1,03,3
Silicon, mass % (SIO 3) - - - - - 5,5
Density 4,24,24,24,1 4,23,9
Organic treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Color by CIEL * 98,599,299,299,2 99,099,6
Average particle size,mkm 0,320,290,230,22 0,220,35
Oil absorption/100gr of pigment 11,011,014,014,0   18,0
Color strength in PVC 102110110110 11090
Shade in PVC -0,0400,0050,0350,035 0,030-0,030

Recommendations on usage of T-Pure ® types in production of plastics
Final product Ti-Pure R-100 Ti-Pure R-101 Ti-Pure R-102 Ti-Pure R-103 Ti-Pure R-104 Ti-Pure R-960
Injection molding ***** ** 
Blow molding ***** ** 
Film extrusion ***** ** 
Film molding ***** ** 
High temperature, molded films ***   ** 
Durable, for outdoor application    *  **
Liquid dyestuff   *** * 
Rigid, for indoor work  **** * 
Rigid, for outdoor work    *  **
Profiles with lead stabilizers    *  **
Pipes  ****  **
Plasticizer for indoor work   *** * 
Plasticizer for outdoor work   **  **
Plastisol   **   *
Liquid paints   **   *
PS  **** ***
PC  **** ***
PA  **** ***
Thermoactive plastics  **** ***

Notice: Types Ti-Pure R-900 and R-700 are preferable for liquid systems. Type Ti-Pure R-960 is of optimal durability and is recommended for all kinds of usage, connected with prolonged impact of external factors.

* Acceptable type;
** Optimal type