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Acrilica holding offers CORIAN ® solid surface production of DuPont.

About Corian ®

Corian ® - it is an original solid surface material for finishing, invented by DuPont in the middle of 60-s. Beautiful and strong, fashionable and practical it is the new standard of high class finishing.

Environmentally-friendly, chemically-stable material of DuPont has been produced in America since 1963. Firstly its production was secret, but in 70-s Corian became very popular. Americans as people able and used to counting money, at once appreciated its unusual cheap price. Unusual because corian is not just an expensive, but extremely expensive material, that is why its cheap price is the matter of time and progress. Corian is notably durable. Products made of it after many years of utilization have the same condition as they had on the day of their production: exterior doesnt change. Cigarette burns, scratches or spots, left on the surface of corian products can be easily removed with the help of sand paper and it will look brand-new.

Another unique property of this material is that the glued joints are not visible. Its possible to install any kinds of surfaces and constructions joints are seamless, all this looks like a monolith. Joints have 10 year warranty, which is also unique.

Corian ® composition and properties.

Corian ® - is a composite material. A bit cool at touch it is produced of natural stones and highly technological acrylic resin this kind of combination has many advantages over other materials.

  • 2/3 of trihydrate of aluminum Al(OH)3 (white clay)
  • methyl methacrylate (acrylic resin)
  • edible pigments

Corian ® - is an imporous material and that makes it resistant to stains and bacteria. Being solid balanced and colored through all its depth (Corian has no surface or laminate upper layer which could be scratched) it is very durable and lasting.

If a damage occurs Corian ® can be easily renewed with the help of domestic means or soft sand paper. Corian ® products are impact resistant. But if a product breaks, the broken piece can be cut out and replaced by a new one. And after this the exterior doesnt change and looks unrestored and absolutely undamaged.

Corian ® is produced in the form of panels and its parts are assembled with the help of super strong glue. These joints are invisible and make an impression that the object is cut out of a whole stone monolith.

Range of colors

One of the values of Corian ® is its wide range of colors. Using predictions of professional colorists DuPont produces Corian ® in big variety of colors and this meets the requirements of its most serious clients. One can find ever popular pure colors and a variety of stone-like designs as well as innovative modern color compositions.

Total number of Corian ® colors and shades is achieving 100. All of them are offered to clients and this helps them to select and design any interior of any style, combining other materials - wood, ceramic, stone, stainless steel.

In addition to this rich color range Corian ® DuPont offers special exclusive colors for particular commercial projects. They can be developed under draft and correspond to companys color, emphasizing its image. Orders for private colors often come from airports, banks, huge departments. For instance, German Rail Ways ordered its own special color for finishing new trains and railway-stations.

Color palette.

Variety of design.

Corian ® products can be easily processed, sanded and polished. All this provides big choice of exterior. This material can be also thermoformed under proper temperature. This ability of transformation allows Corian ® to acquire varied and even extraordinary decorative forms. Interiors by Corian ® are easily installed in different variants. Combination of optimal number of natural materials makes Corian ® products smooth and this allows to combine it with stone and wood. Only poor designers imagination can limit this products possibilities.

Corian ® is an ideal material for designing hotels interiors. It could be a hospitable reception hotel-counter or fitting interior decorative floor.


Corian ® is perfect for hotel bathrooms vanity tops, bowls and baths from this material look gracious and luxurious, they are maintenance-friendly. And even if the visitors of the hotel damage them situation will be improved within several minutes.

Office furniture is also produced from this material.


Products made of corian are exclusive as they are hand-made: the material is not good for pressing. Projects according to which these products were made are usually destroyed which makes them unique and exclusive. So these are the main corian uses. In the house they are: cabinet counter-tops with sinks, bathroom furniture, window side panels, exclusive furniture, swimming-pools and handrails, as well as bar, bank and reception counter-tops, dentist and surgery counter-tops; plus outdoor advertising.

How long will Corian ® serve?

Corian ® is a very durable material. Today it is possible to find 20-25 year old interiors made of corian. And they look brand-new.

In order to fully meet the clients needs DuPond developed a special system of Quality control of Corian ® goods. Its idea is that Corian ® is processed by only specially trained experts representatives of the company so called fabricators as well as by Corian ® service centers. Thats why all the goods and interiors made of corian are provided with a 10 year installation warranty. It means that in case of a defect the product will be restored or replaced under warranty in proper time.

Information on processing Corian ®.

Sawing, cutting, drilling, sanding, polishing.

For the straight-line sawing and cutting all kinds of circular saws are used. A Corian ® panel is recommended to be placed its face up for avoiding scratches during its processing. Under cutting the disc must not enter the down side of the panel less than 2,5 cm deep. Cutting disc must be suitable for cutting aluminum and must have teeth with carbide tips (6 teeth for every 2,5 cm of diameter).

For cutting it is recommended to use manual cutters which provide much higher level of processing as compared to saws. For profiling it is possible to use 900-1200 v. cutter and for curves the one of 1800-2200 v. The milling-cutters must have single or double blade with carbide edge and a 12mm diameter rod.

For sanding it is advised to use professional round-sanding machines. To make the process of sanding optimal its necessary to use micron abrasive paper. This will help to achieve matt finish by three steps:

  1. 100 Grit;
  2. 60 Grit;
  3. 30 Grit;

For a semi-glossy finish the surface of Corian ® must be processed with a Scotchbrite ® sponge, produces by ZM. When one-shade light non-textured colors are being sanded a purple Scotchbride ® sponge is used; other colors are sanded with a grey one. For a glossy finish the surface is further processed with sanding pastes and polishes.


The joining parts must be carefully conformed. The milling-cutter can be used for this purpose. For cleaning a piece of white fabric saturated with spirit is used. Since Corian ® is semi-transparent any trace on it can turn out to be seen after bonding.

Before bonding it is necessary to attach plastic or metal bond to the surface of the working desk to let the product move after this procedure. Joints should be positioned, leaving a 3mm gap between them. Then Corian ® glue must be evenly applied and both sides of joints must be clamped with cramps. Its important not to clamp the joints too hard (the glue strip should break out along all the junction). After the glue has hardened ( in 35-45 minutes at room temperature ), its coming out part can be removed with a plane.

For bonding Corian ® with Corian ® product only Corian ® glue ( a liquid monomer) must be used. For bonding Corian ® with another material a plastic glue should be applied (in many cases it is a silicon sealer). During installation of Corian ® panels (wall panels for example) panel glue should be used (type of Sikaflex by Sika).


Under temperature 165 200C Corian ® can change its form. It can fold up to 25mm radius depending on the panels thickness. Framework made of waterproof veneer or MDF (25mm x 100mm) is usually used to avoid deflecting the counter-top, its overheating and cracking. It is attached to the counter-top with the help of silicon sealer. Since Corian ® is temperature dependant its important to provide expanding joints. A 3mm joint is filled with a silicon sealer at wall sites and other vertical boundaries.

Maintenance recommendations.

There are three types of polishes for corian products: matt, glossy and semi glossy. All bowls made of corian have matt surface. Soap and ammonia based cleaners help eliminate almost all types of impurities and spots off all the types of surfaces. However, in case of extreme impurities various methods of cleaning are used depending on the type of surface (see the chart).

Corian is more heat resistant than other materials. Nevertheless, hot frying pans, sauce pans, heating devices etc. can damage the surface of the product. To avoid this special heat resistant coasters should be used.

Methods of cleaning different surfaces
Degree of impurity Methods of cleaning different types of surfaces
Matt Semi glossy Glossy
Ordinary Soap solutions or ammonia based cleaners are to be used
Water streaks Clean with wet tissue and wipe dry
Hard spots Use abrasive cleaners and cleaning sponge (for example Scotch-Brite* green) Use cleaning paste or bleaching gel and cleaning sponge (for example Scotch-Brite* white) Use cleaning paste or bleaching gel and soft cleaning sponge
Disinfection From time to time use bleaching cleaners on the surface
Everyday maintenance Clean with a sponge Keep up the gloss with non-abrasive polishes

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